National Down Syndrome Congress Receives November's Donations - Seanese

National Down Syndrome Congress Receives November's Donations

November 01, 2017 2 Comments

National Down Syndrome Congress Receives November's Donations

November’s Donations Go To:

The National Down Syndrome Congress has been an integral part of Sean’s life for many years. Their Annual Convention has been the single most empowering event of his life. After each convention he has a surge of independent confidence that is obvious to everyone around him. Attending conference sessions that are led by adults with Down syndrome has shown him that he too can achieve so much.  The 2018 Convention will be held in Dallas, Texas, July 12-15. Each year it takes hundreds of volunteers to pull off this convention, and many travel to the location each year to volunteer again and again. If you’ve been considering volunteering, I encourage you to see the link at the end of this blog and join us next summer!

Founded in 1973, the National Down Syndrome Congress is the country’s oldest organization for people with Down syndrome, their families, and the professionals who work with them.  NDSC provides support, programs and information about issues related to Down syndrome throughout the lifespan, as well as on matters of public policy relating to disability rights. 

NDSC programming includes: Adult Sibling and Family Care Toolkits; Affiliate Program (for DSA’s and Parent Orgs); Self-advocate Program (Speakers Bureau, Book Project & more); Center for Educational Excellence (Educator Conference, and coming soon, educator modules); and Parent Webinars.  We provide information and resources to families, medical professionals, educators and media outlets.

Each year, thousands of people from across the globe attend the NDSC Annual Convention. For most, it’s to hear the latest information from world-renowned experts. For others, it’s a great vacation. However, for nearly all, there’s the one-of-a-kind NDSC “giant family reunion” feeling that permeates the convention weekend.

  • PARENTS learn from the best, as internationally known experts come to Sacramento to share their knowledge across the life span of individuals with DS.
  • SELF-ADVOCATES join together with over 300 friends from across the world to learn, share, become empowered and have an amazing time!
  • SIBLINGS share and learn alongside peers, from each other, as well as from professionals.
  • VOLUNTEERS have the experience of a lifetime by volunteering in a number of capacities.

NDSC’s Policy & Advocacy Team represents families every day in Washington, DC.  In addition to advocating for disability rights and legislation, we collaborate with other organizations and provide valuable input to federal and state agencies.

The NDSC is committed to creating a national climate in which all people will recognize and embrace the value and dignity of people with Down syndrome.

For more information on the National Down Syndrome Congress:

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