About Me - Seanese

About Me

Sean from Born This Way

When I was little my parents had to translate my speech because nobody could understand me. They said I spoke "Seanese." Now I am putting my thoughts and sayings on shirts so you can speak Seanese too!

I'm On a Mission

I want the world to know that having Down syndrome isn't that big of a deal. Especially new moms and dads because every baby should be celebrated and nobody should cry because they had a baby with Down syndrome. Parents, believe in your kids they are amazing. I have a project to provide free and low cost baby onesies to Down syndrome Organizations for their new parent baskets. $1.00 from every item ordered goes towards my new Welcome Baby Onesie Mission. I've already donated 10% of my profits to different non-profits. 


Help Me Make A Difference

I design every shirt with a message, and It's my message. Nobody tells me what to say on my shirts.  Let's all laugh, because that's my favorite thing, and I bet its your favorite thing too. Let your shirt speak for you. It's about the positive message and shouting your value because you belong. You rock!  Everyone is special and unique and breaks the mold. Help me tell the world Grin and Wear it!