Hire Me for Your Event - Seanese

Hire Me for Your Event

I'm a Keynote Speaker and Love Talking to Groups. 

I wrote my own Inspirational Speech and it's Titled, "It Could Happen"

It can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes long. I tell about my struggles to achieve my dreams. Everyone in the audience says, "It Could Happen," with me as I tell them what my dream is, because it Could!

I share my dreams of being on TV, being hired for a job I like, starting my own company, living independently, and traveling the world to spread the message, "My Dream is to help people see that having Down syndrome isn't that bad." I encourage my audience to never give up on their dream because, "It Could Happen!"

I've been the keynote speaker at 20 events in 12 states and even once in Canada!

I have part of my speeches on Utube  This one is from a few different places. This was was for the California Supported Living Network

This one was a GiGi's Playhouse Rockford in Chicago 

Celebrity Appearances

I also love coming to events and posing for photos and meeting everyone. I've been to 38 Buddy Walks and even designed a shirt that says, "I Am The Buddy Walk" because I've been to more Buddy Walks than anyone else! 

How to Hire Me

Email my mom at sandra.mcelwee@cox.net and she will send you my appearance or speakers agreement. Include the date of your event so she can see if I'm already booked or not. I can't wait to meet you.