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Baby Onesie Donation Application's Update - Seanese

Baby Onesie Donation Application's Update

November 25, 2018

Baby Onesie Donation Application's Update

Hey peeps,

I’m writing my first blog. My Mom is typing and I’m talking because I’m not so good at typing. You all rock and you are amazing. I got 43 applications for baby onesies from Down syndrome organizations in  25 states and even one from Canada!

The applications are from Down syndrome Associations that give new parents Welcome Gifts to welcome their new babies into the world and make them happy.

The applications all added up to 1,585 baby onesies. I get a bulk price for ordering a lot of onesies, so they cost less than the ones on my website because there’s so many ordered all at once instead of just one at a time.

Every thing everyone orders puts $1 into the fund to donate baby onesies. And I’ve sold 1,389 shirts hats, mugs, bags and stuff from my website so that’s a lot of money going to baby onesies,

It's important to me to give these onesies because I found out that parents aren’t always excited about having a baby with Down syndrome because they don’t know anyone with Down syndrome so they get scared and sad. I am including a letter with my onesies that I hope helps the new parents be happy and see that their baby is going to grow up and be awesome. And that’s what the onesies say on them, “Awesome is on the 21st Chromosome.”

All the stuff bought off of seanese.com through the end of November counts towards the donations. If I was going to be able to donate all of the onesies then I would need to sell 7,300 more things to be able to donate all of them by the end of November.

If you want to help welcome new babies with me place your Christmas and Hanukkah orders before November 30th. If I don’t make my goal then I’m going to ask Ellen Degeneres and Steve Harvey to help because they are my favorites and I love all the good work they do and I think they would love to help me because they love people even people who are different and have Down syndrome too.

Thanks for being a fan and helping me to make the world better for babies with Down syndrome.

Love you guys


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