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A Magical Evening with Jamie Foxx

December 13, 2017 1 Comment

A Magical Evening with Jamie Foxx

A few weeks ago an email showed up in my inbox from On-Camera Audiences seeking people to receive tickets to Jamie Foxx’s hit TV show, “Beat Shazam.”

We love Jamie. Sean was fortunate enough to get a quick selfie with him at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s Annual Fashion Show-Gala a couple of years ago.

We couldn’t resist spending some quality time in his audience. Add the hit music they play on “Beat Shazam,” and that’s the recipe for a perfect night for Sean!

Of course we had to invite some friends to come too. Eleven of us stormed CBS studios ready to party.  John, Joyce, Kris, Megan, Caley and Shail, Sean and I and some additional friends and relatives who joined Joyce and Kris.

We were fortunate enough to be seated in the first two rows in front of the stage. And the stage manager made sure Jamie knew we were there.

What a gracious host. Not only is he truly kind and funny, his daughter, Corinne who spins the tunes is beautiful. Every person working on the show that we encountered was very nice and expressed that they were happy we were there.

Jamie invited John, Megan, Sean and Caley on stage to dance for the crowd during a break.  Multiple times during the taping he looked right at them and said, “I see you.” Then to the audience, “This is my crew right here.”  I can truly say they felt the love. Christmas morning won’t compare to the excitement they felt on Monday night.

He told everyone about his sister Deondra and her being an Ambassador for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.  We wish she had been there to party with us.  I estimate there were 500 people in the audience, who were all educated about Down syndrome, the need for research, and even inclusive education! 

During another break John competed in an impromptu dance competition with randomly selected audience members…and hands down won with his ending move—sliding into the splits, hands raised in the air. He brought the house down!

The taping ended and the audience was filing out of the studio, when we were asked to stay. The excitement was tangible as they brought out a giant birthday cake and we all got to sing Happy Birthday and see Jamie blow out his candles. Then he came and hugged and talked to Sean, John, Caley and Megan. Megan was in tears as she told him, “You’re my future husband.” And he had John rap for him. Caley told him she wanted to interview him. Sean was speechless. 

Today Jamie turns 50—Happy Birthday Jamie, we love you and hope you have a great celebration planned for the whole year. Thank you for all you do for our community.

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leidy gonzalez
leidy gonzalez

December 14, 2017

I love the show
Sean it’s a very nice young man god bless him

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