Organizations Apply Here for Baby Onesie Grants November 1st through 1 - Seanese

Organizations Apply Here for Baby Onesie Grants November 1st through 15th

If your Organization is Selected the Baby Onesies donated are as pictured below:

Heather Gray, with "Awesome is on the 21st Chromsome" printed on them. They will also come with a letter to the new parents from Sean. 

 Sean's Letter:


You might be scared about having a new baby with Down syndrome but I am going to tell you about my life so you can see that it’s not that bad.

I’m 25 years old. My name is Sean and I designed the baby onesie that you are getting as a present. I have more than 120 designs on my store for everyone, not just people with Down syndrome. I’m an entrepreneur with a mission to tell the world that having Down syndrome isn’t that bad.

Your baby will need some help but you are amazing and you can do it. My mom and dad took me for therapy and helped me and I learned to walk and talk and I went to regular classes in school and have a ton of friends.

I have an awesome girlfriend that I want to get married to one day.

 I’m not just an entrepreneur but I’m a referee at a trampoline park. And I’m on TV. The show is called Born this Way and it’s on A&E network. Check it out it’s me and 6 of my friends who have Down syndrome too showing the world that we are just like everyone else. And it’s the world because we are in Spanish and in England, New Zealand and Japan too.

 I’m a keynote speaker too and talk to people about my amazing life the biggest was more than 2,000 people at one time.

I live in my own apartment and have a roommate. I make my own food and I get help with my budget. I kinda spend too much money sometimes.

I love to travel and have been to 38 states and 4 Countries but have a lot more on my list. I’m a celebrity but I like to meet celebrities too and have met a lot.

Don’t give up on your dreams for your baby. Keep going because all your dreams could happen.

Your baby is going to ROCK just like me. I hope I get to meet him or her one day.

Click the 'Apply Now' Link below. The form will download --open the file named "Application"  (it's an Excel Spreadsheet) add in your information, save the form and then email it to: with the subject line "Application for Baby Onesies"

You will be notified via email by December 15th via email and the Onesies will ship in January 2019.