10% of Profits Donated to Disability Non-Profits. This Month it's the Special Olympics

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month! And Seanese.com is donating 10% of profits to the National Down Syndrome Society.  The NDSS is an organization representing the interests of all individuals with Down syndrome across the lifespan and across all areas – healthcare and research, inclusive education, employment, community integration and economic self-sufficiency - at all levels of government supported by state-of-the-art programming areas. Our robust programming includes:

Their one-of-a-kind National Advocacy & Policy Center promotes results-driven advocacy and activism in our nation’s capital and in state capitals across the country on legislative issues than span the life of an individual with Down syndrome. Combined with Forward-thinking Public Awareness initiatives, which show the world that people with Down syndrome not only deserve to be treated with dignity and respect but also through the world that people with Down syndrome are ready, willing and ABLE to WORK. 

The National Buddy Walk® Program – the world’s largest and most recognizable Down syndrome awareness program---search hear for a Walk in your area: http://www.ndss.org/Buddy-Walk/Find-a-Buddy-Walk/2017-Buddy-Walk-Events/

The NDSS’ State-of-the-art Community Outreach and Resources platform supports their vast network of over 380 affliates in the United States, and provides the very best information on Down syndrome in the world in over 140 different languages.

It is only fitting that the NDSS be our recipient this month as Sean and I are in to Washington DC to attending their first ever Leadership Summit. And we will be lobbying on Capitol Hill as well.  Please join us in supporting the NDSS. https://seanese.com


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